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About the Incubator

Promoting entrepreneurship is central to the vision of Shiv Nadar University. Even our business school is named as School of Management and Entrepreneurship.

Atal Incubation Centre (AIC) set up at Shiv Nadar University with the support of Atal Innovation Mission NITI Aayog with the aim of serving as an active catalyst for the development of promising entrepreneurs. It is a step to assist budding entrepreneurs in their start up journey and to support developing start up eco system in India.

AIC has advantage of access to resources of engineering, natural science, humanities and management schools of the university. Specialised labs and highly qualified faculty is available to guide start up in their technical and business endeavours. We have highly qualified mentors to support Incubatees.

AIC is sector agnostic and welcomes start-ups from diverse fields.

AIC’s incubation program is an intensive business development program that supports founders and helps them turn their ideas into successful businesses. The support comes in a form of mentorship, office space and some starting capital (seed money).

AIC Shiv Nadar University welcomes startups for incubation, irrespective of being part of the university as student or faculty. The aim of AIC is to create an ecosystem which is conducive for innovation, where start-ups and new ventures thrive. With a view to nurture these start-ups, AIC offers virtual as well as physical incubation.

Currently, AIC has incubated 13 start-ups under the incubation program. AIC, as business incubator is highly flexible and has unique combination of business development processes, infrastructure and people designed to nurture new and small businesses by helping them to survive and grow through the difficult and vulnerable early stages of development. AIC is more like a catalyst tool and facilitator to start-ups incubated as Incubatees and provides some combination of office space, business services, coaching & mentoring, funding and access to networks.

The selection criteria for inducting start-ups as incubates include execution capability of founders, innovativeness of the idea, scalability, unit economics and the possible impact.

To encourage and create an entrepreneurship culture in the university, especially among students, AIC closely works with Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) a student body, created to boost student innovation efforts. Many events and efforts have been made to create awareness towards enhancing entrepreneurship and innovation. AIC is also working towards promoting women entrepreneurship.

Thus, AIC at Shiv Nadar is progressively working towards fostering entrepreneurship and trying to play a vital role in creating sustainable start-ups, which generate more employment and wealth creation.

Our Highlights

Events & Workshops
Mentors Engaged
Startups Supported



Building and creating the right blend of network and relationships with key stakeholders, for sustainable existence.

Commercialization Support

Commercialization support for creating sustainable business. Business planning & product launch support.


Physical/ Virtual Infrastructure & Value- added incubation services. State of the art Research Infrastructure.


Workshop and expert mentorship from distinguish industry stalwarts.


Incubation Program

It is 12-month program wherein startups are provided with all necessary business support services viz. infrastructure, mentoring, advisory services, legal and regulatory services, IPR facilitation, funding facilitation and networking support.


Andromieda Maritime Solutions Private Limited is a technology based water solutions.
The Rough Edge
Reusable sustainable products
Debate Around
A platform for connecting and applying for debates national and international.

Our Team

Sheeba Khan

Tehsil Dadri, Shiv Nadar University

Shristi Srivastava

Incubation Manager
Tehsil Dadri, Shiv Nadar University
Saurabh Bisht atal incubation center shiv nadar university

Saurabh Bisht

Incubation Executive
Tehsil Dadri, Shiv Nadar University

Deepshi Srivastava

Incubation Executive
Tehsil Dadri, Shiv Nadar University


Shubhro Sen
Strategy advisor
Ajay Muttreja
Pradeep Mehra
Harpreet Singh
Technology Mentor
Nipun Mehra
Startup Mentor
Nishant Mishra
Simant Dube
Machine Learning
Parhta Sarthi
Ideation & Design Thinking


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